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Foreign Nationals - Frequently Asked Questions

I need a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), can you help?
Canadian Immigration Group works with dozens of companies who face labour shortages. These companies have retained us to help fill that shortage by applying for LMIA’s under the temporary foreign worker program. Those who meet the qualifications of the position being offered may be selected for an LMIA.

How much does it cost for a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)?
A foreign national does NOT pay for the LMIA. Our fee and the government fee associated with an LMIA are paid entirely by the employer.

How can I immigrate to Canada?
There are many programs available to you that offer the opportunity to apply to Canada. Whether to visit, study or work, it is recommended that we discuss your options during a consultation.

What program works best for me to apply as a permanent resident?
There are many factors involved to determine if someone can apply for permanent residency. If you are inside or outside Canada, the process of determining your options begins with an assessment of your education, work experience and level of English.

My status is about to expire, how can I stay in Canada?
Depending on what your status currently is, and when exactly it expires, will help us determine which extension is the most effective to retain your legal status in Canada. Every case is different however, extending your status prior to its expiry remains a must in order to avoid issues in the future.

I sent an extension before my status expired. Can I continue to visit, work or study?
You may be able to remain in Canada if you submitted an extension before your status expired. The conditions of your status before it expired may allow you to continue visiting, working or studying, until a decision is made on your extension.

Can I get an open work permit?
There are very few programs that allow a person to obtain an open work permit. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible.

Can I work full time while studying?
A student studying at a DLI on a full-time basis may work part-time during studies, and full-time during scheduled breaks. You can only start working when your program of study beings.

Can I have a study permit but not study?
No. You must comply with the conditions of your study permit. However, students who find themselves unable to for reasons beyond their control, pay for their studies, may be eligible to apply for an open work permit.

Can I leave Canada and re-enter with my valid work or study permit?
Depending on the country you are from, you would require a valid ETA or TRV. Your study or work permit does NOT on its own, grant you entry into Canada.

What is the processing time for my application?
Every application is different. Processing times can be viewed here: IRCC processing times.

Can I study while visiting Canada?
A visitor in Canada may study in a program that is 6 months or less without the requirement of a study permit.

How can I get a postgraduate open work permit (PGWP)?
Ensure that your institution is eligible for PGWP’s. You must study and graduate from a program that is a minimum of 8 months in length and apply within a specified time for your open work permit after you graduate.

My application was refused, what can I do?
Depending on which application was refused and your current status, will help us determine what is your best options going forward.

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