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Temporary Resident Permits

Overcoming inadmissibility can be challenging. During that process, a Temporary Resident Permit may be a solution to travel to or remain in Canada.

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What is a Temporary Resident Permit?

Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) allows individuals that are classified as being inadmissible to travel or stay in Canada. These individuals typically require a temporary resident permit for not meeting the requirements of our Immigration Refugee Protection Act/Regulations.

This type of permit is ideal when you are faced with hardship, within a waiting period to overcoming criminal convictions, straighten out your financial situation, or get medical clearance but need to be in Canada for events such as a wedding, medical treatment, or orientations for work and studies. While it can often be difficult to travel with a criminal record, a TRP can help you with the security clearance needed.

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When applying for a TRP, you are required to prove that your reasonings for visiting or remaining in Canada will not pose a risk or safety concern to the country and its citizens. You must complete an application process and pay all associated fees required for issuance of the TRP. It is important to note that there are strict guidelines outlined in your TRP that must be followed to ensure that the permit is not revoked.

Some important stipulations that are imposed on TRP holders include the following:

  • Comply with any and all conditions imposed on the permit
  • Inability to work or study without a proper work or study permit issued by the government
  • No re-entrance to Canada is allowed once the permit expires without prior authorization
  • Must leave Canada when your authorized period of stay has ended

Two different types of TRPs are available. These include single-entry TRP and multiple-entry TRPs. A single-entry permit allows you to enter the country once and expires when you leave. This means that you cannot enter Canada once you exit the country until another permit or visa is issued.

A multiple-entry TRP gives you the ability to come and go from the country throughout the duration of time listed on the permit.

TRP Processing Times and Fees

The processing time for a Temporary Resident Permit is approximately 1 to 6 months. You can apply for the TRP by paper to a Canadian Processing Centre or at a Canadian port of entry. Port of entry applications are processed immediately. The cost of processing a TRP is $200 CAD. This must be submitted at the time you file your application. There are certain exemptions to the fee depending on the type of TRP you are applying for.

If you would like to explore the benefits a TRP, contact Canadian Immigration Group.

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