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Case Law

The term case law refers to the law that comes from decisions made by judges in previous cases. Case law, also known as “common law,” and “case precedent,” provides a common contextual background for certain legal concepts, and how they are applied in certain types of case. How much sway case law holds may vary by jurisdiction, and by the exact circumstances of the current case.

To find out how we use precedents in your case, contact our office today. You can reach us at (780) 444-2844 or toll-free at (855) 944-2844 to speak with one of our immigration specialists.

photo of a judge's gavel, symbolizing the process of establishing other cases of refusal to give those wishing to immigrate to Canada that have been refused with legal options to proceed to more options

Does My Situation Qualify Me for Reconsideration?

Each case is different. Canadian Immigration Group researches on your behalf, precedents, that may assist your future application.

At Canadian Immigration Group, we strive to provide the individual care and attention each case requires to help our clients get the help they need.

How Canadian Immigration Group Can Help with your Case

Canadian Immigration Group has extensive experience dealing with cases from inadmissibility, secondary reviews, to supporting a permanent resident application with case law.

Canadian Immigration Group uses a system of carefully planned steps that can be utilized for a optimal results on your case.  By retaining Canadian Immigration Group you can be sure your file in is in the right hands.

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