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Study in Canada

Canada places a big emphasis on the importance of education.  Approximately 500,000 international students a year seek student visas to study in Canada.

International students bring with them a rich culture that expands the opportunities Canada has to offer as well as boosts the future economy and workforce that the country embraces.

You are eligible to apply for a student visa in Canada if you meet certain requirements.

These requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • You must be enrolled within a designated learning institute (DLI)
  • You must show proof of having enough funds to pay for tuition fees, living expenses, and the costs of returning to your home country when your studies are completed
  • Have no criminal record and prove that you pose no security risks while residing in Canada
  • Have overall good health. To prove so, you may be required to complete a medical examination
  • Provide proof to an immigration officer that you plan to leave Canada when your studies have ended

Applying for a Canada Student Visa

When you wish to attend school in one of Canada’s provinces or territories, you are in most cases required to apply for a student visa. Study permits allow you to pursue an education in Canada and in some cases, work during your studies.

To be considered for a student visa in Canada, you must submit a completed application and any supporting documents required. Your intentions and study goals in Canada will be reviewed as well.

Simple errors can delay the processing of your application or even prevent you from being granted a student visa.  The applications, documentation and examinations are complex.  Contact Canadian Immigration Group online, or by phone at (780) 444-2844 or toll-free (855) 944-2844 to learn more.

Student Visa Exemptions for studying in Canada

Certain individuals are exempt from having to obtain a student visa to study in Canada – these include:

  • Students who plan to attend short-term programs
  • Family or staff of foreign representatives
  • Members of foreign armed forces
  • Registered Indians in Canada
  • Minor children in Canada prior to post secondary

Options to Work While You Study

When you plan to attend school in Canada, a student visa provides you with the ability to work while you are going to school. Students must be actively pursuing their studies and hold a valid study permit to work on or off campus.

If you wish to work while you study, you may be permitted to work up to 20 hours in a calendar week during your regular academic sessions and full-time during scheduled breaks.

Exploring Post-Graduation Work Opportunities in Canada PGWP

If you are an international student that has recently graduated from a post-secondary institution, you may be able to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit, also known as an Open Work Permit.

An Open Work Permit provides you with the ability to work in any job without employment conditions, other than the validity of your permit. You are not required to submit a confirmation of job offer when applying for a Post Graduate Work Permit. However, there are certain requirements that you must meet and processes you must go through to be eligible for applying, such as:

  • Graduate from a Designated Learning Institution DLI, with specific eligibilities.
  • Applying within 180 days after graduation.
  • Successfully completed your program of study and received confirmation that you are eligible to receive your degree, diploma, or certification.
  • Possess valid status in Canada before applying

Canadian Student Visas provide many opportunities

Canada offers many opportunities for individuals that wish to advance their education.

Offering higher education, Canada maintains a strong economy and employment field that is open to people from all over the world.  At Canadian Immigration Group, we want to help you gain the ability to experience the benefits and opportunities offered.

Contact us today to get the application process started for studying and working in Canada.

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